Designing the Landscapes

Taagepera Manor Park

Vajadus pargi renoveerimise järgi tekkis peale seda kui ajalooline mõisahoonesse rajati hotell ja
mõisa omanikel tekis soov korrastada ka park ümber peahoone. Ajaloolist materjali pargi
kunagise kujunduse kohta on säilinud vähe seetõttu on uue kujunduslahenduse aluseks
loodusest leitud deailid (ajaloolised alleed, reljeef jms) ja klassikalisele maastikupargile
iseloomulikud elemendid. Parki sai planeeritud mitu täiesti uut aia osa, mis elavdaks muidu
üsna rohelist pargiala.

Sangaste Manor Park

2008.aastal renoveeritud mõisa ümbrus sai pärast renoveerimist täiesti uue ilme. Aastaid
hooldamata pargis oli vaja uuendada teedevõrku, võtta maha mitmeid looduslikult kasvama
hakanud puid-põõsaid ja korrastada peahoone taga asuvaid terrasse.

Häädemeeste Carehome

The reference task for this project was easy: establish a park for the elderly where they could walk either for a short or a long time. The garden should include a pavilion for rainy weather and exercise machines where they could perform age-appropriate exercises. It should be easy to maintain, yet beautiful. The garden should also include a sport where edible plants can be grown. As of today, the garden is four years old, very well maintained, and used daily.

Taali Manor Park

I have been dealing with renovating the Taali Manor park for more than 10 years. It has been an excellent opportunity to make one overgrown park into a tidy park area which still has a lot of wilderness characteristic of a landscaped park. On the southern side of the main building, a small regular garden has been designed, which marks the main building’s previous size with its size and shape.

Alatskivi Manor Park

Roof Garden of Viikingi Hotel

Tallinn Flower Festival

I have participated in three Tallinn Flower Festivals. This has always been a co-operation with another landscape designer. The festival has given me the chance to create a garden based on a specific topic and then later build this garden as well. After being established, the gardens have been there for 2 months.